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Whether you’re considering chiropractic care to help recover from an injury or are interested in its benefits as part of an overall wellness plan, our doctors can help. Come in for a consultation, and we will help you learn more about how chiropractic adjustments can help with pain relief and your overall well-being.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractic Care Pembroke Pines, FLA chiropractor is a licensed doctor (D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic) who has completed years of specialized education to earn a degree and be permitted to provide chiropractic services. Doctors of Chiropractic possess in-depth knowledge about all aspects of human anatomy and health. In addition to providing chiropractic adjustments, they can provide guidance to patients on how to achieve optimal health. The chiropractors at our medical clinic are skilled at designing fully customized care plans tailored to each patient’s unique circumstances.

Chiropractors specialize in the musculoskeletal system, with an emphasis on the spine. They are skilled in precise techniques to detect and correct vertebrae out of proper alignment. The repercussions can be felt throughout the entire body when the spine is out of alignment. Bringing the spine back into correct alignment helps relieve pressure on the nerves and restore balance within the body, allowing it to return to its natural state of equilibrium.

Chiropractics Adjustments Homestead, FL

Chiropractic Care

Your spine can become misaligned for a number of reasons, such as an accident, strain, or simply the normal aging process. A misaligned spine can be painful and restrict your range of motion. Still, sometimes it isn’t so noticeable and may not be suspected as the cause of some seemingly unrelated issue such as foot pain or migraine headaches. Our doctor will perform a brief examination to determine whether any of your vertebrae are misaligned.

Many conditions respond particularly well to chiropractic adjustments. These commonly include:

  • Back pain of virtually any cause (e.g., bulging, slipped, or herniated discs)
  • Some types of headaches, including migraines
  • Neck pain often the result of a car accident (e.g., whiplash)
  • Sciatica and other nerve issues, including peripheral neuropathy
  • Joint pain (commonly in the shoulder, elbow, hip, or knee)
  • Many types of arthritis
  • Weakness, numbness, or tingling in an arm, leg, hand, or foot
  • Workplace injuries or sports injuries
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Foot pain such as plantar fasciitis
  • Pain caused by incorrect posture
  • Pain from sitting or standing for extended periods of time

Chiropractic adjustments can benefit anyone. You do not need to be in pain to experience the advantages of a regular chiropractic plan. People who come in for adjustments on a regular basis often report improvements in their energy levels, enhanced moods, and an increase in feelings of general wellness.

We are more than just a chiropractic center; our doctors provide a wide range of all-natural treatment options. Chiropractic adjustments can be effective as a stand-alone treatment, but they are also frequently combined with one or more of the other treatments available at our medical clinic.

If you have been thinking about getting chiropractic care in Miami, Pembroke Pines, Homestead, Hialeah, Hollywood, Miramar, Coral Gables, or anywhere in South Florida, call us today! Our chiropractors are ready to get you back to feeling great again!

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